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Anne’s top ten fish.

She states “In no real order as long as its got whiskers I'll like it!”.

Synodontis Multipunctatus

Real characters, so enjoyable to watch the way they interact with each other; a

pretty fish with lovely spots.

Synodontis Petricola

As for S. Multipunctatus but smaller.

Gagatta Schmidti

Really cute small catfish that are so energetic.

Pterygoplichthys Gibbiceps

Such a graceful fish for its size, and can be a real character.


I just can't resist when they come to the surface after food.

Synodontis Brichardii

Very elegant and attractive syno.

Bumblebee catfish

Any bumblebee cats love the stripes!

Synodontis Schoutendeni

Another really attractive syno with a huge appetite.

Synodontis Eupterus

Fabulous finnage on this syno.

Swallow tail glass catfish

another energetic catfish, loves feeding time!