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Colin - lists his top ten as:  

Trichogaster trichopterus

Shows well, look good in any community set up.

Trichogaster leeri

Shows well, look good in any community set up.

Nematobrycon palmeri

The only fish that won me best in show.

Ancistrus Various

I like the way these move around, long lived and slow growing

Corydoras Various

Look good in small shoals.

Brochis splendens

Always show well, look good in a shoal

Cichlasoma nicaraguense

A colourful fish (females), peaceful for a large fish.

Colisa lalia

One of the smaller Gourami looks good and show well.

Barbus oligolepis

A small good looking barb, best in a shoal.

Poecilia reticulata (Guppies)

Colourful always breeding a good community fish.