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Graeme’s top ten with top tips and advice:

TETRADON MBU               
The giant puffer lives up to its name 2' to 3' in aquaria, so it requires a large tank and excellent filtration. A stunning fish with great character. They can be kept with other fish, but do come with different personalities so care must be taken when choosing tankmates.


A stunning loach growing up to 4” although generally around the 3” mark, most commonly found in shops under the name of the Sumo or Tri-Banded Loach. Colour variations do occur but most commonly found with three orange bands around the middle of its body. Best kept in groups of five plus with good tank filtration and water flow. Note: As most loaches only tolerate their own kind, it is best to choose and keep only one species per tank.


One of the most stunning of the dwarf snakeheads although this still grows to 8”-10” so it will require a 36” tank. It is not too tolerant of its own kind so unless a suitably large tank is available so that individual territories can be made it is far more suitable as a single specimen only set up. 

DENISONII BARB (Puntius Denisonii)

Highly coloured shoaling fish, very active but will need a spacious aquarium to
thrive. Still fairly expensive and a shoal of at least five should be acquired to get the best out of this fish.

A large highly aggressive puffer which should only be kept in a species only
tank. It will not tolerate tankmates of any kind. Often mistaken for the MBU and sold by shops as such, so care should be taken when buying. This is a stunning puffer which is easy to care for and is a great addition for a solitary species only set up.

BOTIA SIDTHIMUNKI (Yasuhikotakia Sidthimunki)
An attractive and lively fish for any community aquaria, keep in groups of five or more, provide plenty of rocks for the fish to hide. This fish is also the logo for our Society. Note: As most loaches only tolerate their own kind, it is best to choose and keep only one species per tank.

SEVERUM (Heros Efasciatus)
Excellent community fish for the larger aquarium, fairly peaceful for a cichlid and available in a few colour variants. Best kept in groups of at least three or four.

ASELLUS PUFFER (Colomesus Asellus)
A lively community puffer, that can be kept in groups and with other small community fish without too many issues. It does however require the tank temperature to be around 82 degrees, anything less and it is prone to whitespot which in this puffer is usually fatal. They prefer live foods especially bloodworm.


Otherwise known as the Rainbow Snakehead and growing to around 8” this is probably the most stunning of the dwarf channa’s. It is possible to keep three or four together in a species only tank as long as it is big enough so around the 48” mark, and it must have areas for each fish to hide and claim their own territory, otherwise fighting may well occur.


Difficult to choose a cory to add to this list, but Seussi has to be my favourite, the markings in adult fish are stunning. They are not seen for sale too often and can be rather costly, however a shoal of half a dozen will enhance any tank.