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Prolific breeder Mark’s wish list:

Nothobranchius guentheri.

Definitely Number 1 for me, particularly as this species gained for me the

Supreme Championship and Third as well. A great looking, easy to keep and spawn fish.

Parosphromenus deissneri.

The first liquorice gourami I have kept and spawned. The genuine deissneri is a rare fish and is often not the one sold in shops under that name.

Parotocinclus maculicauda.

A fish that when it is in peak condition, always looks really good. Generally a good show fish.

Tatia perugae.

A fantastically marked fish. Peaceful and great fun to watch in the evening at

feeding time.

Betta persephone.

A nice small Betta that is easy to keep and breed in small tanks. In my opinion, a good 'first' bubble nester.

Chaca chaca.

A fish that only its mother could love. The only fish I keep that has a name.

My one is called Cherie Blair! (I wonder why??)

Rinoloricaria morrowi.

The very top of my wish list. I have never seen one or heard of any imports


Betta unimaculata.

A superb looking 'mouth brooding' Betta. Big and built like a torpedo.

Aphyosemion australe.

A common enough killi fish but a nice looking fish. My experience is that it is easy to obtain eggs, but difficult to get them to hatch.

Macropodus ocellatus.

A 'tropical' fish that can happily live outdoors in all but the very coldest of

winters. (if you dare try!).