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Pam’s top ten…I must say having seen most of these fish I have not seen better denissonii than the shoal in Pam’s collection.


The is number one as it is such an intelligent fish.


The colours of the Rainbow were never truer. Wonderful colour and shape.


The killifish are very special for their different habitats and the highly developed fry production.

Bristle nose catfish

I love the Bristle nose catfishes for their comical tree like bristles.

Angel Fish

The angel fish is so graceful both in shape and movement.


So many species and always on the move, looking for those particles of food in the gravel.


Although I do not keep them, I can see why aquarists go mad for them.

Beautiful colours and a lovely shape.

Common Guppy

Has come a long way from its 'wild' colouration and finnage.

Rift Valley Cichlid

The rift valley cichlids in their rock filled tank are great to watch. Always

in and out of the rocks always defending their territory.

Puntius denissoni

The latest fish in my collection is Puntius denissoni. Great colour and

streamlined shape.