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Much travelled, breeder, showman, competition judge, lecturer and author Pete’s top ten must have been hard to narrow down.

Crenuchus spilurus
My all time favourite. The sailfin characin is a showy fish with its elongated
fins. It looks somewhat pugnacious but in reality is not a problem. It is an achievement to keep these successfully particularly in hard water.


Nannostomus mortenthaleri
Certainly the most colourful of the pencil fishes. In a well planted tank, always looks superb. Said to breed seasonally, which is probably the reason for my lack of success.


Danio feegradei,

One of the most beautiful of the Danio species. Found near Thandwe in Myanmar, it lives in pools together with Garra flavatra and Rasbora rasbora. I was delighted when I fished a small stream and found this species was there. Relatively easy to breed and to raise the fry.

Devario assamensis.

Another beautiful Danionin. It has two bright red lines along its flanks which when the male is in breeding condition really stand out. A very prolific spawner.  

Danio kyathit
This fish introduced me to the expanding list of 'new' Danios. A nice active
fish that comes in several colour morphs. Generally easy to breed , although
some morphs are a little more difficult.


Pseudomugil reticulatus
One of the more rare 'Blue eye' Rainbows. Difficult to keep and breed and needs lots of T.L.C. Particularly liked because my friends Ilse Lass & Guido Hoener from Fischhaus Zepkow gave me the first pairs to be introduced into the U.K.


Pseudomugil furcatus
A brightly coloured 'Blue eye' Rainbow. The first one of the genus I successfully bred and raised. Nice active fish in a planted tank.


Corydoras sterbai
A colourful Corydoras with its bright orange pectoral fins. Always displays well. Easy to breed and the fry are easy to raise.

Aphyosemion striatum
Possibly the first killifish I ever bred. Superb colours and quite happy to live in a community tank.

Brachyraphis hessfeldi
This relatively new livebearer is just a nice fish. Beautiful colours in the right lighting.