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Peter’s top ten makes colourful reading

Black Molly
An old favourite, the jet black colour stands out so strongly in planted
community aquaria


Red Tail Black Shark
Always an entertaining fish to watch although sometimes very boisterous


Dwarf Gourami (original form)
Is it red? Is it blue? Depends on the angle of view


Striking coloration- peaceful except when breeding when their brood protection
provides excellent viewing


Nannacara Anomala
A good looking dwarf cichlid, if a little shy


A larger fish, but peaceful enough for a community set up in a larger tank


Angel Fish

Another old favourite. This graceful fish adds that touch of class


Botia Histrionica
A few together will provide plenty of entertainment, with the added bonus of getting rid of that snail population


Boesemani Rainbow
A group of Boesemanis adds colour to the tank


Odessa Barb
A shoal of these provides a lively splash of colour