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Robin (known as Ed.) …

1 Pterophyllum scalare – The Angel,  first fish I ever got to spawn when I was a nipper and still at school. This will take some of you back in the memory banks, I lost the pair during the power strikes of 69, I cycled home at lunchtime to boil some water and float bottles in the tank but to no avail.

2 Aequidens pulcher  - Blue Acara - after I lost the angels I went completely over to cichlids and the Acara was my first choice over Jack Dempsey and Convict. All separated I might add!

3 Trichogaster leeri – Pearl Gourami – there’s nothing like bringing on a shoal to fully grown. They may sulk, squabble and be picky, but what us that saying “we’re worth it”.

4 Danio Margaritatus – after a 20 year break from fishkeeping  these were the first egg layers I managed to breed! Prolific feeders of live food and quick swimmers, I find they’ll tend to hide without a lots cover planting.

5. Boraras brigittae

This small rasbora may have a pale pink look in a shop, but once you get them settled in you’ll not see a better transformation to striking red body and deeper stripe. You’ll  also see something similar with the B.Merah .

6 Microgeophagus Ramirez – this small south American cichlid can be kept in a community tank, would not show as much as when kept perhaps two or three other species  

7 Black Ruby Barb – I had six of these, three males and three females and the males were constantly show off resulting in a deep maroon colour with gold flecks. I found these not so boisterous as the Rosy and tiger barbs

8 Corydoras Sterbai – I managed to get nine of these  recently and they have just jumped to the top of my corydoras list above the pygmaeus and trillineatus. A tank that is half well planted with some open space would suit best for these foraging fish.


9 Killifish – They are all colourful and have kept several of the non annuals based on the Gardneri strain. I can corroborate that they do jump and having a tank with sliding glass covers is an advantage, otherwise reduce the water height. Also other fish in the tank will not get much of look in at feeding time. One of the “on my list of things to do” is to try the annuals.

10 Golden Tench – This graceful swimmer and feeder will always be first on my list in a pond, despite what is said once these fish are settled in they are not shy, they just take their time. When feeding the pondfish , stay put whilst the others are feeding and just keep a little back for them to take.