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Prolific breeder and showman Ron covers his top ten, but I reckon he had a hard time choosing  

Apistogramma viejita.

A lovely dwarf cichlid with striking colour. Easy to breed.

Barbus lateristriga.

Although this grows quite large (16cm) it is a peaceful non aggressive fish.

Pterophyllum scalare.

I have always been fascinated in breeding angels. Although it has taken several attempts, I have finally succeeded.

Betta splendens.

An interesting fish to breed and raise.


No specific fish. An enormous variety to choose from. Very efficient in keeping the gravel clean.

Black Molly.

Its jet black colour makes it a striking addition to a community tank.

Tricogaster trichopterus.

Peaceful fish that is ideally suited to a community tank.

Nannacara anomala.

A nice deep blue coloured dwarf cichlid.

Epalzeorhynchus bicolour.

Good black colour with red caudal fin. At times can be a bit of a bully in the tank.


I like them because of their striking colours. My particular favourite is

Nothobranchius guentheri.