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Tony’s list of favourites and advise must be good because he now runs his own shop!….Abacus Aquatics

Mikrogeophagus ramerizi

The 'ram' is a wonderfully coloured little cichlid that can be kept in small community tanks. The wild / quality ones show far better colour than some others.

Neon tetras

I was not sure whether to have the Cardinal tetra instead as it is better coloured, but opted for the Neon as it is one of those fish that nearly every fish keeper has in their first community tank.

Hypancistrus zebra

The Zebra plec is a stunning fish but unfortunately extremely expensive.

Uaru fernandezyepezi

Another stunning fish. The adult fish have superb colour and markings. Pictures rarely do them justice. Being a (relatively) new species, they are expensive but I was lucky to get six at a very good price on the clubs trip to Holland in Oct 2005. (Thanks Pete)

Borora brigittae

A very small Rasbora but when kept in a shoal, in the right tank and conditions, the colours are magnificent. Not only do they look great in my tank of Apistogramma's, they are also a good 'dither fish'.

Corydoras aeneus

I was tempted to have several different Corydaoras in my top ten, but the list would have been filled with them. I then nearly put the whole family in but instead, decided on the 'plain' bronze Cory as a group of them are fun to watch (like all Cory's), are easy to keep, have an under rated but still attractive colour and are great for most community tanks. Also good for any prospective

Cory breeder to start with.

Brochis splendens

I know they are closely related to Corys but I have to put them in separately. They have all of the same good points as Corydoras and I have included them as I was fortunate enough to breed them ( if raising just four youngsters counts as successful.)

Scriptaphyosemion gardneri

I like most killifish but haven't kept as many as I would like. This is the favourite one I have kept and bred.

Hypselecara temoralis

A big yet relatively peaceful and colourful South American cichlid.

Vieja argentea

A big Central American cichlid that looks much better in the flesh as an adult than it does in any picture I have ever seen. I like several of the Vieja species but this one is the favourite.